CLEP Exam and Follow Up Questions

Last week I finally cashed in my ticket to take the CLEP for Spanish. I should have studied… I should have practiced… I should have put forth a little more effort….

But I passed! 

I was pleasantly surprised with how simple the process was. I used part of my financial aid from last year to purchase my CLEP test ticket from The College Board. From there, they send a ticket to you for instant download, you schedule your test time with a local proctor and take the test. I was expecting something a lot more similar to the SAT or ACT where you take the test and twiddle your thumbs for a few weeks before you find out how you did. Much to my surprise, my results came up as soon as the test was finished. I had really hoped I would do better than I did but knew it might be a bit of a stretch since I really did nothing to prepare for the test after I purchased the ticket. No matter though, my score of 53 was enough to earn me 8 credits of Spanish at my local community college. These 8 credits have made a massive impact on how I will plan my classes for next year. With no foreign language requirement to meet for my degree in social sciences, I can choose to take a slightly lighter course load.

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I’m still playing around with which classes I’ll enroll in next semester since I only have two more specific requirements to meet. I need one more 200 level literature class and my choice of either statistics or applied calculus. Since I barely passed pre-calculus with a D last semester, despite my best efforts, I’m thinking statistics will be the smarter way to go. As far as my lit choice goes, I’m torn between The Bible as Literature and Women in Literature. Both are offered online, are worth the same number of credits and have about the same reputation for transfer and workload. The rest of my classes are basically electives, with a little bit of guidance on which electives I may choose from.

This will be my final year at the community college so I’m really trying to make some smart decisions in regards to transferring to a four-year school. This just raises a whole bunch of other unanswered questions for myself about my education. Which school should I transfer to? Should I be looking for a program online, like I’ve been doing, or check out the local institutions of higher learning? What the heck am I going to major in? Without knowing what to major in, which electives should I choose?

I know it’s foolish to base my courses and major exclusively on what I find personally interesting. I’ve gotta consider the job market and what jobs would be available to me with what degree. Then there’s the big question about whether or not I’ll stop with my bachelors, at least for a time, or if I’ll move straight into a graduate program. So many unanswered questions! I’m doing my best to keep my eyes on the prize. I’m on track to finish my associates in two more semesters, as long as I keep applying myself. Baby steps.

Are you a nontraditional student? Have any words of wisdom to lend to me as I make my selections? Enrollment is coming up in under two weeks so I need to get my head in this game quickly! 


  1. Barbara K says:

    Many years ago I earned my BA,majoring in modern languages. I could achieve good grades in this subject, but really had no goal for when I completed school. Once in the work force, I realized that translation was not where I wanted to be. Over the years I studied various courses at different colleges, and even earned a law clerk certificate in the years after my son was born. Today I work as a writer/journalist with a special interest in social media. All of this education and the process of studying has helped me greatly in all aspects of my life. Education is always worth it, whatever you study, even if you take different paths along your journey. Enjoy yourself & enjoy learning!

    • The Drowsy Mama says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’m very language adept and took both Spanish and French in high school. I started learning Italian this year to try to round out my Romance languages and am also an English wiz. I’m the friend who always proofreads everyone’s papers. Lol. I considered going into translation as well. For these reasons, I’m considering a Communication degree.

      I would love to learn more about what you do with social media on a professional level!

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