The drowsy kids enjoying some sandbox fun during out backyard camping trip last summer.

Summer Vacation with the Drowsy Kids & Auto-Replies

2016 was weird. 2017 is weird. Life is weird. In my home, things have been changing quite a bit over the past year. I’ve enjoyed getting settled into entrepreneurship and single-motherhood and really doing some self-discovery in the process. I’ve been attempting to apply mindfulness as a conscious goal of my life, which often means setting dedicated and undivided attention time for my children. Last summer, I decided my kids needed to start getting some summer vacation experiences. So we enjoyed our first day-trip to the beach and our first backyard camping experience together. Both required a few hours in the car and were incredible family trips. During our camping trip, I set an out-of-office reply inspired by another parent who sought to make memories with his family. Here’s my message from last August.

The drowsy kids enjoying some sandbox fun during out backyard camping trip last summer.
The drowsy kids enjoying some sandbox fun during out backyard camping trip last summer.

Last Summer’s Auto-Reply


The other day I was listening to a great story on NPR about Michael Merschel’s art of the out-of-office-reply and felt so inspired. Over the past month or so, I have been working non-stop to try to get Carlene Can up and running for each of my new clients. Thank you all so much for helping to keep me busy and motivated! But a weekend has finally come along where I have the time, motivation and cooperative weather to give my children their first ever camping experience. We are packing up the Prius with our tent, some books, coloring supplies and bathing suits and going off the grid for a couple of days.

I have an immense love for the digital world. It’s both enabled my livelihood and helped me to foster some incredible long-term friendships with many spectacular people. But in my love for the internet and technology, I want to be sure that I am sending the right message to my tiny humans. Work matters. Business matters. But unplugging and spending time with family and nature matters just as much. Nothing compares to teaching my preschoolers how wonderful it is to read a good book until the sun goes down then telling spooky stories with flashlight shadow puppets and trying to spot constellations under a country night sky.

I hope you’ll forgive my inability to answer your calls or emails until I’m back in the city. I assure you they will be taken care of with a fresh, rejuvenated mind on Monday. If you’d like to hear about our camping trip, please feel free to check my personal blog for an update in a couple of weeks. For faster updates and hopefully some amazing photos, follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Otherwise, I’ll be in touch on Monday to help you grow your business through digital marketing solutions.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Carlene Delane

Summer 2017

I’m excited to say that at four and five years old, I think we are ready to level-up our game to a full-blown road trip! Later this month, the drowsy kids and I will be going 2,567 miles over 38 hours (not including stops) and visiting my family in Oklahoma. I know, I’m a crazy person to go on an adventure like this while I’m outnumbered by persuasive, feisty kiddos but crazy or not, it’s official!

This trip will be our test-run for being able to make road trips a frequent part of our lifestyle. We’ll be packing up tablets, old cell phones, and audiobooks to pass the time on the road, as well as a cooler stocked with sandwiches, bottles of water and other healthy snacks. With a healthy dose of patience and determination, I’m hopeful that we will enjoy some quality time together and build some meaningful memories.

If you’d like to follow our journey, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, sharing our travel pics and how I’m balancing mindful, quality time with family against bringing my business on the road. There will be laughter, there will be tears and most importantly, there will be food! We plan to spend one night camping, yes, real camping. I don’t have words to describe how excited the kids are to get their first ever campfire, complete with s’mores. We’ll get to spend three days and four nights with my family before we head back to Virginia, pop in on a friend in Tennessee for the night and make it back to Virginia the next day. We’ve got this!

If you would like to read my auto-responder for this upcoming trip, shoot me an email at during the week of June 18-24.

Up Next

Now that I have finished school, I hope to dedicate more time to the love that got me into the social media business: blogging. You can expect to see some web design updates and some blog posts sharing the things I accomplished on the Unemployment Bucket List, reflections on our new lifestyle and information on a new podcast I am working on. I hope to see you next Sunday for my post about chasing a sense of fulfillment during this transitory period of my life.

Do me a favor and leave a comment below to help me prepare for my trip in a couple weeks. Have you been on a road trip with young children before? If so, what words of wisdom can you share? Any advice or tools you would recommend to make the trip as easy as possible?

Ten Great Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama

10 Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids

In my family, “nerd” is a compliment. A couple of years ago, I got really frustrated trying to find a good gift for my Mars obsessed toddler. Now her fifth birthday is just around the corner and I’m in the same conundrum. In case any other parents or people who love kids are also struggling to find awesome gift ideas for nerdy kids, I’ve made a list of ten ideas that I’m considering for my Arbor girl. By the way, this post contains affiliate links.

1. Bill Nye the Science Guy Plush

Bill Nye the Science Guy Plush | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $15.

You simply cannot beat the classics. I can hear my kids yelling, “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!” Wait… they’re actually yelling… BRB.

2. Microscope for Kids

Kids Microscope | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $26.99.

At this price point, I seriously wonder why my science teachers were such pains in the butt about how we handled the classroom microscopes. But I digress…


3. The Magic School Bus Books

The Magic School Bus Books | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $5.72.

Like literally any of them. And just in time for the new Netflix series. As if I didn’t love Kate McKinnon enough already…

4. Glowing Terrarium

Glowing Terrarium | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $11.85.

Nerdy, meet magical. Magical, meet nerdy. I take my terrariums with a side of awe, if you don’t mind.

5. Star Projector Kit

Star Projector Kit | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $18.00.

While we’re talking about glow-y stuff, let’s go ahead and build our own home planetarium.

6.  100% Star Dust Tee Shirt

100% Stardust Shirt | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $19.99.

Not sure if I’m trying to keep the kids humble or inspire them to their potential for greatness. Either way, this shirt will be well loved before it’s handed down to little brother and eventually turned into a throw pillow or play baby carrier.

7. Solar System Kit

Solar System Kit | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $9.99.

So let’s just say that her last solar system kit failed to impress me so it got left behind in the move. And let’s also say that Arbor noticed really quickly and still holds it against me. I probably need to replace it sooner rather than later.

8. Solar Rover

Solar Rover | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids
Get it here for $14.49.

Did you know the Mars rover sings itself happy birthday every year? Arbor does. And she’s super sad that he’s alone. So maybe her own solar powered rover will help her feel better about it.

9. Girls Think of Everything

Girls Think of Everything | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids
Get it here for $6.94.

Last month, I heard a story on NPR about how girls don’t think girls should be super smart. We’re not having that in this house. Inspire greatness with this book reminding the littles of how awesome women really are.

10. Gemstone Kit

Gemstone Kit | Gift Ideas for Nerdy Kids | The Drowsy Mama
Get it here for $6.45.

Arbor has been really into collecting rocks of the playground. Time to level up. [Insert obvious birthday card pun].

Have any other suggestions I missed? Drop them in the comments!

Five Reasons to Wake Up at 5:00 am (or Earlier!)

Five Reasons to Wake up at 5:00 am (Or Earlier!)

Let’s get a few things straight. Motherhood is exhausting in its many forms and waking up any earlier than the tiny humans do is, well, less than appealing. There are a million and one reasons why I go by the drowsy mama and of course my constant exhaustion is one of them. Now that those disclaimers have been made…. Waking up hella early is the best thing that’s happened to me this year.

Last year when I lost my job, I decided to go full speed ahead on my digital marketing business. I was inspired and motivated to get stuff done! I’m naturally a night owl, so I started off working really late at night. After seeing some Gary Vee video about waking up early to rise and grind, I decided to flip my schedule and discipline myself into early wake ups instead of late nights. Time passed, and I fell out of habit. So the closest thing I made to a New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to get back in the 5:00 am habit. I couldn’t help but notice that this time, the transition was WAY easier, as if my body had muscle memory of getting up before dawn. This morning, I even beat my alarm clock!

I’ve been bragging on Facebook about the little perks that I’ve been seeing out of getting up two hours early and wanted to share my top five reasons to wake up before 5:00 am. If reading is not quite your jam, check out the Facebook Live I did to discuss this.

Five Reasons to Wake Up at 5:00 am (or Earlier!)

  1. Start your day with a small win. I say “small” win but this is actually huge! If you’re like me and maybe kind of in a funk this time of year… this time of life… whatever… getting up before you HAVE to is a metaphorical Gold Star for you. It feels incredible to tell yourself, “I’m going to get up early tomorrow” then actually follow through on it. The tone for the day has been set with an underlying “I decided to do something, then I did it.” Just imagine what you could accomplish if everything was as simple as deciding to do something and doing it. Power of positivity right here.
  2. Some days, you can catch the sunrise. Maybe this is just my crunchy granola side showing but there’s something magical about having the sun wake up and see you instead of the other way around. As if the sun beams slowly creeping over the tops of the houses on my block are delighted by my presence. It’s like meeting a friend for coffee and their face when they see that you’re already there and got a table. Not to mention, sunrise is beautiful. If you take a few moments to go outside or open the blinds on an east-facing window, you can see the magic first hand.
  3. Coffee before kids. Assuming you have little ones and those little ones don’t get up at 5:00 am, you now have the opportunity to caffeinate before the kids get out of bed. I have a great little coffee pot that I can schedule to brew so I get the added pleasure of waking up to the fragrance of fresh, hot coffee. There’s no one demanding anything from me, I finish my first cup without it going cold, and I feel energized and ready to face the day before the tiny humans are bringing their first set of demands to my feet. This tends to segue very nicely into my next point–
  4. You can have a morning poop in peace! Nothing like a good cuppa Joe to get everything moving in the morning. Now that my kids are older, there’s less banging on the door screaming for mommy and a lot more “oh, mom’s not in here, let’s pick a fight with each other for no reason other than it’s Wednesday.” I know that at least once a day, I get to have a nice, long (or short, whatever) sit without worrying that my kids have created a verbal Guillotine for each other when I’m just trying to take a dump in peace.
  5. Get bonus hours to dedicate to your passion project. Now here is the single most important one, to me anyway. With the way my kids’ school schedule is set up, I only get about 4.5 hours during the day that the kids are in someone else’s care. This severely limits my ability to get a lot of work done. Okay, so I can’t go early morning Uber while the babies sleep but I can get 100% caught up on emails, knock out some graphic design, curate some content, schedule some posts, update some websites… you get the idea. I have 2 hours of time, if I plan correctly, to work on growing my small business while the world is still sleeping. I don’t bother with getting dressed or doing my makeup at this time. Nope. I can do that while the kids are getting ready. I can’t be productive on work while I’m trying to wrangle the kids for their school day. By working in my robe with a cup of coffee, I’m maximizing my available work hours by nearly 50% without increasing any of my childcare costs.


Five Reasons to Wake Up at 5:00 am (or Earlier!)

Posted by The Drowsy Mama on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cell Phone Tripod

Facebook Live is My New Favorite Thing

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please see The Drowsy Mama’s policy on affiliate links and other disclaimers.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you know I am all about some Facebook Live these days. It seems almost every night that I am broadcasting from my kitchen, usually with my kids as petits sous chefs. I’ve had a few people suggest I give YouTube a try…. so I am! But I’m going to be a lazy girl at first and just share my Facebook live broadcasts through YouTube as well.

In case you missed it, here’s the video that started it all for me: a rant about Target and their awful sizing system.

I’m also trying to get my production quality up to snuff, so I’m starting to play with new tools to help me produce videos that are easier to watch. Check out this bad boy that I’m using! I’m doing a little research on what I can do about consistent audio as well so my voice sounds as clear whether I’m at the sink or the stove. If you have any Facebook Live-friendly tips or tools, please feel free to drop a tip or two in the comments.

Equipment is awesome but I’m also having to learn a lot about producing and promoting videos online. It’s a lot to take in while I’m busy growing a business and working on finishing up this pesky associate’s degree.

I’d really love your feedback on these Facebook Live videos and transitioning them over to YouTube. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook so you can watch most of our live broadcasts before I relocate them. Over the next few weeks, I plan on getting all of the Live videos off of Facebook and have them exclusively on YouTube. This will allow me to monetize the videos I make (yep, you’re going to see ads, if you don’t have YouTube Red) but I’ll still be posting them on Facebook so you can easily see them if you missed the Live broadcast.

One final note, I’m working on getting my email list back up and running. If you’d like updates on new posts with resources, videos and the happenings in The Drowsy House, please subscribe!

How I Saved Over $450 On College Textbooks

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please see The Drowsy Mama’s policy on affiliate links and other disclaimers.

Since the day I decided to drop out of college for my last job, I have been filled with remorse about killing my education. I couldn’t be more excited to say that I am officially enrolled for my final 12 credits in community college, assuming I don’t decide to stay for an extra semester to try to bump my GPA up before I transfer. I was a little less than excited to have to purchase my course materials. Fortunately, this isn’t my first rodeo so I was able to find a great way to save a ton of money on my college textbooks.

How I saved 70% on college textbooks and the smart business practice that helped me save over $450 from The Drowsy Mama.

Figure Out What You Need to Buy

I like to plan ahead, so it would drive me absolutely batty if I had to wait for my syllabus to come out to find out which textbooks I need to get for each of my classes. I’m lucky that my college allows us to see the necessary materials by using our bookstore through Follett. Just select your classes and it will let you know what you need to buy. If you’re not as fortunate as the students at my school, you can always try emailing your professor before the start of term to see if you could get the required materials list and maybe even the syllabus. Some profs are cool like that.

My books and access keys for three classes came to a grand total of $677.25. Ouch. Not gonna happen.

See Which Are Available To Buy Used Through the Bookstore

A couple of my classes had books that were available to buy used. Switching from new to used on my textbooks brought my total from $677.25 down to $555.25. Well, that’s $122 saved… still not good enough for this frugal girl.

See Which Are Available to Rent Through the Bookstore

I get it. Books are awesome and it would be wonderful to have a library comparable to Belle’s but I’d rather spend hundreds of dollars on books of my own choosing, not those curated for me by the department of education. Feel me? So I checked out what kind of savings we’re looking at there, and I was able to bring my grand total down to $332.61 or $344.64 in savings. I just crossed the 50% off threshold… but I guess I’m greedy because I wanted even more savings.

Check in With Non-Bookstore Vendors

The first place I checked was Chegg. They’re kind of known for their great rental program and to be totally honest, I’ve used them in previous semesters. But when it comes to looking for the exact same product, I’m not one for customer loyalty; just give me the best buy, please. Chegg didn’t have one of my books, so I made a note and moved on. The missing book ran $34.21 at the bookstore, so I adjusted for this and made my new total $310.43 for bookstore rentals plus one access code. If Chegg could beat that, we’d be in good shape. Much to my delight, they beat it by a landslide! To make sure I was getting an apples-to-apples comparison, I always search by ISBN and double check the edition. You can often get away with using an older edition but it does create a bit of a logistical issue when I’ve tried it in the past. After confirming everything was the same, Chegg’s total came in at $178.48. Adding in the missing book from the bookstore, my grand total was $212.69 or $464.56 in savings.
Update: Get free shipping on orders over $25 from now through September 30, 2016. Use coupon code WOWCHEGGTHX. 



One thing I learned from my experience working over the last year and a half is that many businesses and government agencies have a policy that they always get three quotes before awarding any contract or major sale. For them, we’re usually talking about $5,000+ but dropping a few hundred dollars in a single(ish)-income household kind of warrants applying this principle. So I went to one final place to check, my longtime favorite online vendor, Amazon. When looking only at rental textbooks, not the access code, they came to a grand total of $64.11. When adding in my access code, $204.11 was my final cost. By this time, I was splitting hairs over only another nine bucks in savings. Time to settle. And that settlement wasn’t bad at all!

Had I bought new from my college bookstore, I would have paid $677.25. By only buying my access code with them and choosing Amazon Textbook Rentals to fulfill my needs this semester, I saved myself $ 473.14. To put that in perspective, that’s enough to buy a basic laptop for school or groceries for my family of four for a month. So is it worth shopping around? You bet your sweet Amazon it is.

By the way, if you haven’t tried Amazon Prime, you’re missing out. I’ve been a member for 3 years and have never even considered cancelling my membership, especially with all of the new features they keep adding, like free one-day shipping and Amazon Prime Now. If you’re a student who’s never tried Prime before, you’re eligible for a FREE six month membership.

What would you do with an extra $450? 

Ask Facebook: How often should I clean that?

Earlier this week I shared my Unemployment Bucket List. Item 15 was to find a cleaning routine I could stick with. I’ve tried a bunch of systems and strategies and after sweating my butt off cleaning upstairs this morning (yay for no A/C in the bathroom…) I wanted to get a better idea of how everyone else cycles their cleaning schedule.

If you could comment on each of these pictures with how often you think these things need to be cleaned, that would be SUPER helpful as I develop my new home maintenence schedule. If you have any good blog posts about any of these chores, feel free to include a link as well!

Unemployment Bucket List: how I'm making good use of my time between employed and entrepreneur. Get the full list at The Drowsy Mama.

Unemployment Bucket List

When I decided to go live with my blog a month ahead of schedule, I had pre-written a month worth of posts. I wanted to share with you the strategies I was implementing to make our life keep working when I no longer was. Apparently… life had other plans for me because every single post now seems suddenly irrelevant. More than a few of my plans have changed. I had initially prepared to work from home, take my kids out of daycare and become the frugal penny-pincher we all know I am. Over the past eighteen months, I got an incredible life experience that has helped to shift the way I view my home, my life and the world at large. With some business experience under my belt, I’m approaching everything as business. How do we optimize? Invest? Grow?

Two Big Changes to Plan

I’m making two major investments in my family and my career. The first of which, is the decision to keep my kids in daycare. This is a financially significant investment, to the tune of a few hundred dollars every week. So how do I make this happen? Well, first is fighting for my unemployment benefits. They issued me information on what I’m eligible for but later this week, I have a phone interview to determine if my departure from the company makes me truly eligible. If I am, which I truly believe myself to be, then this is just enough money to keep my kids in daycare. This offers them the stability of maintaining their routine and offers me the time I need to keep working on my business and pursue other opportunities as well.

The second investment very much relies on the first– I’ve decided to return to school. I dropped out of college when I was promoted at work. The demands of parenting and career left little time or energy to finish my associate’s degree. This time investment will allow me to move forward with obtaining a bachelor’s degree– something I had planned on having earned by now– and opens many career doors for me upon its completion. Last week, I settled an old debt with the community college, met with my adviser to confirm I only had 3 classes remaining to graduate and finally, got enrolled. Although I haven’t yet logged in to start the process, I’m already feeling like I’ve accomplished something. So I sat down and had another one of those deep, introspective conversations with myself. What else do I want to accomplish while I’m in that weird place between employee and feeling truly self-employed? So I made what I am calling an unemployment bucket list. The rules for what can make it on the list? It needs to be some form of an investment, optimization or growth. With 26 weeks of available unemployment benefits, here’s my 26 item unemployment bucket list.

The Unemployment Bucket List

Unemployment Bucket List: how I'm making good use of my time between employed and entrepreneur. Get the full list at The Drowsy Mama.

  1. Get my associate’s degree. Get more client testimonials.
  2. Exceed my sales goal for a month.
  3. Sign 10 new clients.
  4. Join a BNI chapter.
  5. Get an office space or co-working membership.
  6. Complete 24 blog posts.
  7. Improve my credit score.
  8. Pay down my credit card debt.
  9. Enroll in a 4-year school.
  10. Get my GPA up to a 3.0+.
  11. Hit 100,000 page views on my blog.
  12. Read 6 books for pleasure.
  13. Find a sport or exercise to get reallllllly into. Maybe bicycling because running sucks. Hush brain. You’re going to offend the runners. Screw the runners. A bike can go faster than their angry mob. Hush brain. Hush.
  14. Get health insurance.
  15. Find a cleaning routine that I can stick with.
  16. Complete Google Analytics Certification.
  17. Complete Google AdWords Certification.
  18. Get Google Partner Certified.
  19. Make peace with my body. Love it or lose it.
  20. Take a vacation.
  21. Clock some volunteer hours.
  22. Launch the resume program. (Details to come!)
  23. Switch to decaf.
  24. Help someone in a big way.
  25. Get a really good job offer.
  26. Every time I cross something off this list, add something new.

So that’s it. That’s the plan. The goals I’ll be chasing for the remainder of year 25. Be sure to check back for progress updates and while you’re here, drop a suggestion in the comments for things to add to my unemployment bucket list as I complete other tasks. 

The Good Fortune of Unemployment: How a fortune cookie changed my career. From The Drowsy Mama.

The Good Fortune of Unemployment

The Good Fortune of Unemployment: How a fortune cookie changed my career. From The Drowsy Mama.

In the rural-ish community where I work  worked just outside the city where I live, there’s one Chinese food restaurant where my boss and I used to grab lunch every month or two. Over time, I’d learned to really look forward to conversations with this man I am lucky to count as both a mentor and a friend. Half the time we’d talk about work, whether that be my position as the Director of Key Accounts or as the entrepreneur behind Carlene Can. The other half, we’d talk about life, the universe and everything. Several months ago, we went to our Chinese spot for lunch. The conversation flowed. We mixed and matched our plates to get a little bit of everything and we, as always, enjoyed each other’s company. The only thing that had changed was, well, the company.

The First Cookie

Back in January, I learned a bit prematurely that our five-location franchise was being sold to a new owner. Eventually, Bill, my then-boss, told the rest of the staff, we met the new owner and the paperwork closed. At this one particular lunch at Yu’s, it was still our little secret. And in that secret, he knew I was terrified of the change that was coming. Despite his reassuring that this was going to be a wonderful thing for us, I was still anxious. I made it a point to apply to jobs regularly, interviewed a couple of times a month and probably turned down as many job offers as there were companies who decided to “go with another candidate.” Nothing was quite the right fit. We touched on my interest in keeping doors open for myself but as always, he was reassuring that everything was going to work out in the wash.

As our lunch came to a close, we both selected our fortune cookies from the check. I couldn’t tell you what his said but I know as clear as my children’s birthdays exactly what mine told me:

“Trust your gut in the coming days.”

"Trust your gut in the coming days." The Good Fortune of Unemployment: How a fortune cookie changed my career. From The Drowsy Mama.

Wow. I usually don’t put much credence in silly little fortune cookies but this one just hit a nerve. So I slipped it into the clear plastic cover of my half-sized binder/planner to keep it as a clear and present reminder. Trust your gut. Trust it! But I have an awful gut! If there’s anything I’ve learned from years of impulsive teenage and early adulthood decisions, if there’s one thing NOT to do, it’s trust your gut. But apparently it was time to get over myself and learn to accept that my instincts are good ones.

Over the next several weeks, the phrase “trust your gut” kept coming up. Over and over with different people who never saw my planner or heard about my silly fortune cookie. Maybe it was just another case of being acutely aware of something as soon as you’re exposed, like pregnant women noticing other pregnant women, but to me it was a regular affirmation of what I already knew to be true. It was time to heal and learn to believe in myself again.

The Second Cookie

Friday, July 15 was my last Friday at work. I had been given four weeks notice after the sale closed and had failed to find another job before I was notified of this fact. Four weeks had gone much faster than expected on the job hunt front and I was still without a viable full-time position– even one that would require a pay cut. To celebrate this final Friday, so to speak, Izzy came to the country to take me out for Chinese food at my work spot. We enjoyed good conversation, good food and when our lunch came to a close, good fortune cookies.

Over the preceding several weeks, we had come to the decision together that it may be a good idea to use this period of unemployment to really push full speed ahead with my small digital marketing company. Without 40+ hours a week dedicated to selling for a different business, I would have the time to go sell for myself and service my own clients. Entrepreneurship is terrifying to me but, as they say, no risk, no reward. The sleepless nights, stomach aches and truthfully, moderate depression symptoms have been taking a toll on me, and this is only the beginning. Maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe I need to stop tinkering with all of the back end work of running a business and dedicate those hours to filling out applications and sending off my resume. Maybe I’m not cut out for this.

I hadn’t had Chinese food since that lunch with Bill. I held my unopened fortune cookie in my hand as I told the story of “trust your gut” to Izzy, my hand fiercely clutching it, as if to will a good follow-up onto the paper inside. I broke it open,

“You are heading in the right direction.”

"You are heading in the right direction." The Good Fortune of Unemployment: How a fortune cookie changed my career. From The Drowsy Mama.

This. This was exactly the fortune I needed. Vague as it might have been, in the context of everything, positively everything happening with me, this fortune was exactly perfect.

"You are heading in the right direction." "Trust your gut in the coming days." The Good Fortune of Unemployment: How a fortune cookie changed my career. From The Drowsy Mama.

The Drowsy Mama is back after an eighteen-month hiatus. I hope you’ll come back to follow my journey with entrepreneurship, motherhood and how I’m applying some of the great business skills I’ve learned to running a household. Please subscribe to get updates on new posts as they publish and feel free to comment with your own experiences and feedback. 

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