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Xonkita Carlene Jackson

Hey there! I’m Carlene, a Richmond-based marketer and single mom on a mission to live an intentional life. I love chasing experiences, learning new things and sharing them both as I go. To have me help you tell your story, please email To hear my story, keep scrolling down.

Less Is More

First of all, if you didn't start singing the Charmin song when you saw the title of this post, we can't be friends. Now that that's out of the way.... Recently, I've been evaluating my priorities and commitments and have come to the decision that for me, less is...

Retailer Review: DressLily

This post contains affiliate links to This means if you click a link, especially if you make a purchase of some kind, I may receive a commission, product, service or bounty for your engagement. This does not add any extra cost onto your purchase but it...

Winter Break 2017 Auto Responder

I started a tradition last summer after hearing a really interesting story on NPR. In short, I like to share a lot about my life and love for family by way of my auto responder. I don't generally vacation in the traditional sense. Instead, I tend to do stay-cations...
Five Reasons to Wake Up at 5:00 am (or Earlier!)

Five Reasons to Wake up at 5:00 am (Or Earlier!)

Let's get a few things straight. Motherhood is exhausting in its many forms and waking up any earlier than the tiny humans do is, well, less than appealing. There are a million and one reasons why I go by the drowsy mama and of course my constant exhaustion is one of...
Unemployment Bucket List: how I'm making good use of my time between employed and entrepreneur. Get the full list at The Drowsy Mama.

Unemployment Bucket List

When I decided to go live with my blog a month ahead of schedule, I had pre-written a month worth of posts. I wanted to share with you the strategies I was implementing to make our life keep working when I no longer was. Apparently... life had other plans for me...

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

My Life Be Like

Mom Life

My kids are my world, but that’s most parents, isn’t it? We enjoy going on road trips together, arts and crafts and  making tasty food together in the kitchen.

Work Life

I’m a shameless workaholic enjoying traditional marketing by day and digital marketing by night. Content marketing is my latest jam.

Yogi Life

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was a child. A few months ago, I bought an amazing yoga swing and have since fallen in love with acro yoga.

Travel Life

I’ve spent the past year exploring more of the East Coast. My most recent adventures include Washington, DC., New York City and Philadelphia.