Carlene-5Carlene Delane has been having a love affair with coffee for over twenty years which has put her in a permanent state of both excitement and exhaustion. This combination has made for a rich and interesting career path filled with a variety of experiences from barista to professional executive. At the moment, she is trying her hand with entrepreneurship as a digital marketing consultant.

One thing has remained constant in her life– her love for food and family. She enjoys spending her evenings making Facebook Live videos with her two incredible tiny humans, sharing their favorite family recipes and the kitchen tips and tricks that keep the busy family afloat. Their cooking style could be described as fast, frugal and family-friendly.

It is her dream to return to tiny house living, take her kids to see and taste the world and develop the patience to grow a garden. At the moment, she’s selling everything in sight to decrease household inventory and begin funding this dream.

She attempts to update this blog weekly but is much more dedicated to Instagram.