Hello! I'm Carlene!

Marketer & Mompreneur

Here to Tell Stories

I’ve never been what you would call a “quiet” person. I enjoy sparking up conversations with complete strangers in coffee shops, make friends easily online and self-identify as a “people person.” This has leant well to becoming a passionate storyteller. I enjoy creating beautiful things, just check out my two babies if you don’t believe me, so it only makes sense I would become a visual storyteller. 

By taking my passion for the written word and coupling it with the graphic design skills passed down to me by my father, I am able to weave together stories across a plethora of mediums. 

In telling the stories of so many other people, I would be remiss not to share mine as well. I live a less-than-uncomplicated life as a single mom, full-time marketer and weekend warrior mompreneur. Finding the balance when being pulled in a million directions can be tricky but I consistently give a valiant effort.