Is it May already? It’s like December was just yesterday and then I looked up and whoah life is different. My daughter is wrapping up Kindergarten and my son is about to take her place in that elementary classroom. As for me? Well… I guess, never say never? It’s kind of a funny story and I’ll tell you sometime, but long story short, I’m back at work and absolutely loving it. I have projects that engage me, new skills to learn and a really excellent work life balance. One of the best parts of that work/life balance is having more time and resources to travel!

My most recent mini-adventure was to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here’s the rundown.



I have no idea why there was a banana on this taxi but it was in the lane beside us for a while and never fell.

First of all, let’s just say that Philly was a delightfully weird city. Parking is a nightmare but if you can find somewhere to safely leave your car, it’s a pretty easy city to get around. I took Lyft Line to get a few places for just $3-4 within fifteen minutes or so. That said, I arrived in Philadelphia at about midnight, a mere hour or two late for a birthday party thing we were doing with friends.

I’m not exactly the club type but somehow found myself waiting in line to enter one. We stayed for an hour or two, enjoyed a couple of drinks and the massive space in which to explore. To one side were lights, dancing and the traditional cluby stuff. It wasn’t too hard to get a drink considering the multiple bars inside. Pricing was about what you’d expect, I suppose. $15 for 2 whiskey gingers sound about right?

But guys– there’s more. And by more, I mean a ball pit! I know what you’re going to ask next and I’m sad to report I did not have the patience to wait in line to play in it. Next time… Next time…

Enough about clubs. Let’s talk about the important stuff. Bucket list stuff. Food stuff.

I got to eat a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia!

I went to the most touristy place imaginable, Geeno’s. It was a perfect experience. (By the way, make sure to bring cash if you go. They don’t accept cards.) Everything my Lyft driver hyped me up for. I got to dine outside with some great people, the air smelled of steak, and I was starving so I was able to take down that massive “cheese wit” in about 2.5 minutes.



Now we have to have a serious talk about this. Philadelphia. Get your life. Cheese Wiz on a cheesesteak? I expected so much better. We’re going to do real rib eye steak but cheese from a can???? Come on…. Get. Your. Life. I like cheese. I like steak. I like cheesesteak. But I think I don’t actually care for a Philly Cheese Steak. I want some tomatoes, grilled peppers, onions and PROVOLONE cheese. But hey, I’m glad to have done it and knocked it off my bucket list.