Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s going on in our world but we’ve had some really fun things happen! Namely, last month, I took the kids on their first big road trip. I know, I’m a crazy person, right? The good news is, they really loved the experience of being locked in a car with me for 1200 miles each direction. Now that Arbor is a very proficient reader, she was a huge asset in navigation. She took it as her personal responsibility to ensure we were informed any time there was a rest area. (Side note– why are there so many rest areas after we’ve already stopped to pee but absolutely none when our bladders are about to burst?) Here we are at the first rest area of the trip.

Day One



I approached our trip with the goal of being really balanced. This was both a vacation for them, a work trip for me and a family experience. That meant packing plenty of healthy snacks to keep them happy but making sure that the treats of the road trips of my childhood were also included. When we hit Tennessee, the kids needed a bathroom break and it was time to get gas. I made their whole trip by allowing them their first ever Slurpee. Slushy. I don’t even know. Icy, sugary, food coloring goodness. Can you tell they are so about it?


From Nashville, we wrapped up our first long travel day by staying at an… interesting… hotel in Jackson, TN. If you take nothing else from this post, please note this– when Priceline says it’s a 1-Star hotel, believe them. You’ll notice I don’t have any Instagram posts about it. We enjoyed dinner at Waffle House which was another big highlight for the drowsy kids; it’s their favorite restaurant ever.

Day Two


Okay guys, I had literally NO IDEA my trip was going to take me to Texas before I arrived at my dad’s house. It was a pleasant surprise and Arbor’s favorite part of the trip. Special shoutout to Texas for having such awesome rest areas. In the bathroom we saw a sign inviting us to play with their props for our social media picture taking. Now you’re speaking my language! The kids had a blast.



Nineteen road hours later, we arrived at our intended destination– OKLAHOMA! This was the first time my dad got to meet my kids so it was a pretty big moment for us. A thousand miles, two days of travel and it was all worth it for this special moment.


Yeah, I know, it all looks good when condensed to a couple of photos. So next time, I will have a post with some of the tips and tools that helped to make this trip a success. Check back next Sunday for that!

Have you taken your kids on a big road trip? How did it go? What was your kid to adult ratio? Tell me everything!Β